Thursday, July 26, 2012

Su-80GP Aircraft Russian Transport

Su-80GP Aircraft Information and Pictures

Sukhoi Su-80GP Aircraft
 The Sukhoi Su-80GP Aircraft multi-purpose transport aircraft is designed to transport passengers and cargoes in the pressurised cargo hold. The aircraft can operate in any geographic area by day and night, in fair and adverse weather conditions. The Su-80GP can also be employed for medical evacuation, environment monitoring, mapping and aerial photography, patrol/transport, training, and airmobile missions.

Sukhoi Su-80GP Aircraft

The Su-80GP Aircraft features high cost/efficiency of passenger and freight transportation. The ramp in the rear fuselage facilitates cargo loading/unloading. The integrated avionics suite provides flight control and navigation, monitoring of aircraft systems and equipment, and presentation of data on colour LCDs. The Su-80GP can be operated autonomously for 50 flight hours, or for 15 days, from nonequipped airfields and soil runways, in the nearground air temperatures ranging from -50oC to +45oC.

Su-80GP Aircraft

Su-80GP Specifications
Length, m 18.26
Wing span, m 23.17
Parked height, m 5.52
Max take-off weight, kg 14,000
Max payload, kg 3,300
Max cruising air speed, km/h 470
Max altitude, m 7,600
Range, km:
with 30 passengers 1,400
with 1,950-kg payload 2,450
Take-off run, m 840
Landing roll (with thrust reversal), m 460
Powerplant 2 x CT7-9B
Crew 2
Passenger seats 30


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