Thursday, July 26, 2012

Antonov An-74 Jet Aircraft Multi Purpose Transport

The An-74 aircraft is designed to transport cargoes, equipment, and passengers, carry out SAR, patrol, and reconnaissance missions, and deliver shift teams at geological expedition sites and gas/oil fields. Customised aircraft versions are also available.

The An-74 aircraft can perform short take-offs and landings at steep angles on substandard mountainous runways. The integrated flight navigation and radio communications systems allow for all-weather, day-and-night operation. A large cargo hatch meets size requirements of most cargoes transported in containers, on pallets, and in bulk, and accommodates easily self-propelled and towed machinery. A sliding cargo hatch ramp reduces loading/unloading time.

The variant An 74 aircraft is An-74T-100 and An-74T-200 are transport versions with enhanced payload capacities. The An-74TK-100 and An-74TK-200 are cargo, passenger (52 persons), and passenger/cargo transports. The An-74-200D is an administrative aircraft. Its second cargo hold can accommodate a light-weight vehicle.


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