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IAI F21 Kfir C7 Fighter Israel Air Force

IAI F-21 Kfir C7 Fighter

These were Israeli aircraft that were in service in the US as ”agressors” for dissimilar air combat training. The IAI F21 Kfir Fighter is a development of the French Mirage 5 with an J79 engine, built in Israel after France refused to deliver the original aircraft. Twelve were used by the US Navy and thirteen by the USMC. The original IAI F21 Kfir C7 fighter prototype which first flew on October 19, 1970 was a combination of the Dassault Mirage III airframe with the GE-J79 afterburning turbojet of the F-4 Phantom II. Produced in small numbers in 1972, 25 aircraft were eventually leased to the US Navy and Marine Corps as F-21As. Approximately 125 F21 Kfirs remain in service today with Israel, as well as Columbia and Equador.

IAI F-21 Kfir C7 Wings. Low-mounted, delta-shaped with a sawtooth in the leading edges. Small canards are mounted on the air intakes.

F-21 Kfir C7 Engine(s). One turbojet inside fuselage. Semicircular air intakes alongside the fuselage. Large, single

F-21 Kfir C7 Fuselage. Tube-shaped with long, solid, pointed nose. Body widens at the air intakes. Bubble canopy
flush with the spine.

F-21 Kfir C7 Tail. No tail flats. Fin is swept-back and tapered with a prominent step in the leading edge.

Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, USA.

General Data F-21 Kfir C7

Prime contractor: Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.
Nation of origin: Israel
Function: Multi-role fighter
Crew: 1
Year: 1970
In-service year: 1972 as C1
Engine: One General Electric J79-J1E afterburning turbojet, 18,750 lb thrust
Wing span: 8.22 m / 27 ft
Length: 15.65 m / 51 ft 5 in
Height: 4.55 m / 14 ft 11 in
Weight: 16,060 lb empty / 36,376 lb max. take off
Ceiling: 58,000 ft
Speed: 2,440 km/h / 1,516 mph at high altitude
Armament: Two DEFA 553 30mm cannons with 140 rounds each, plus up to 13,415 lb including
AAMs, cluster bombs, free-fall bombs, laser guided bombs, Durandal anti-runway bombs, AGM-65 Maverick ASMs, napalm tanks, ECM pods, or drop tanks.


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