Monday, December 27, 2010


Steyer AUG AI, Steyer AUG A2, Steyer AUG A3, And Steyer AUG A4

The Steyr-AUG AI, AUG A2, AUG A3 and Steyr AUG A4 can be assembled and disassembled without the use of special tools. , Foe the complete stripping of the weapon, special tools are avatlabe.

Eefore shooting, creek positron of gas plig. For nor PW shooting the gas plug plunger should be aligned wltn the snail circle symbol stampedon the gas cylinder (tile serrated ‘ears” of the piug will then be posiIloped approxiqateiy hot izoMaliy) With some a.mmuni? lon. or a L/cry dirty ci!le, gas pressure may be insuffic1ei7:
for ic3! iXk fcinctionlng. In sucn case the gas plug plunger may be aiignea with :he largt? crrcle symbol to iricrease gas flow.

The optical tube is mounted in the receiver with three hexagonal nuts. These hex nuts shou!d be kept tight and not disturbed.
- Elevation is adjus?ed by turning the inner disc on the bottom hex nut.
- Windage is adjusted by turning the inner disc on the hex nut on the right hand side.

It is essential that all three hex nuts are tighr before starting adjustment. To turn the inner discs, use the adjusting tool (see pcin? 4.4, accessories) or the point of a bullet. Turning the elevation adjustment disc ir! directicn of “H” (for higher) rises the Faint of impact and reverse.

The Steyr AUG Variant Series is designed on a "Bullpup " principal which makes it 25% shorter than other rifles with similar barrel lengths without compromising ballistic performance. The bullpup design does away with the folding stock feature found on many weapon types, allowing the AUG to be instantantly available for accurate shoulder firing. A shorter overall length means unmatched maneuverability which gives the user faster target engagement and allows the AUG to be easily maneuvered through small spaces such as a patrol car, SWAT vehicles, and APCS. Additionally the shorter overall length gives the user a decisive advantage when close quarter environments are encountered. The Bullpup design also allows a longer barrel length thus enhancing accuracy and increasing the terminal velocities of the ammunition. Therefore the AUG has an advantage over conventional weapons which depend on a shorter barrel to decrease the overall length of the weapon.
The Steyr AUG comes standard with a 1.5x optical sight which is built-in to the receiver and is fully protected from damage by the aluminum receiver housing. Additionally, the optic is sealed in its housing and is waterproof to a depth of 30 feet. The optical sight housing also acts as a carrying handle for the weapon. The use of the optical sight has been proven to increase hit probability and decrease target acquisition time (spotting and identifying the target) and engagement time (the decision to fire and put a round on target). Target acquisition and engagement time with the AUG optical sight has been estimated at 1.5 seconds (where only two points are aligned) versus the conventional open sight at 3 seconds (where three points must be aligned).

Target acquisition time is decreased by one-half which means the user is faster and therefore has a decisive advantage in the field. In low light or night environments optical sights have proven far better than conventional sights, and target acquisition is possible for the AUG long after the ability to use a conventional open sight has passed. The 1.5x magnification of the AUG optical sight allows the user to fire the weapon with both eyes open eliminating the worry of losing peripheral vision and developing "tunnel vision" while sighting through the optic. Additionally, the optical sight on the AUG decreases training time for the user - thus greatly reducing ammunition and training costs.


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