Thursday, December 2, 2010

Australia Mordernises Armored Personnel Carrier M113 Series

The Australia Army has contracted the upgrade of further 81 M113 vehicles. As a result, 431 M113 tracked vehicles will be upgraded to the AS3 and AS4 versions until 2011. The programme aims at the improvement of the vehicles’ protection, survivability and self-defence capabilities in response to the threads encountered
in international deployments. As a system house FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH is in charge of the vehicle technology and the integration know-how for the Australian M113 programme.

The Australian Army’s requirement for increased all-terrain mobility and improved vehicle logistics, are responded to by the modern M113G3/G4 propulsion system concept featuring a high performance power pack from MTU and ZF. FFG’s upgrade solution for the M113 has meanwhile been sold than 1.100 times globally.

To generate additional growth potential regarding in the vehicles’ transport capability, a number of vehicles will become subject to a hull extension programme according to FFG’s M113 WARAN concept. These vehicles will have a new gross weight of 18 t and an internal volume of more than 10 cbm under protection.

 Armored Personnel Carrier M113
Armored Personnel Carrier M113-M-2

Armored Personnel Carrier M113-MRV-1

Armored Personnel Carrier M113 Fitter


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