Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Para Ordnance TTR Assault Rifle Tactical Target Rifle

The Para-Ordnance TTR Assault Rifle, TTR (Tactical Target Rifle) is an AR variant that uses a unique variant of the Stoner direct gas impingement system. Called DIGS (Delayed-Impingement Gas System), it uses a lengthened gas block that slows the cycle time of the operation, keeping the rifle cleaner longer without the use of a piston. (I’m skeptical.) This is combined with the Manifold Injector System (MIS) which channels gasses through the bolt carrier and vents them out of the ejection port, which helps to keep the bolt carrier group itself cleaner. The Para-Ordnance TTR Assault Rifle has a shortened carrier along with a recoil spring above the barrel, which means that the traditional buffer tube assembly is not necessary and that the TTR Assault Rifle can have a traditional side-folding stock. The stock also slides, with five positions available.

Para Ordnance TTR Assault Rifle

The lack of the normal buffer tube assembly also means that the Para Ordnance TTR Assault Rifle is somewhat quieter than a traditional AR, particularly in the shooter’s ear; it also gives the TTR Assault Rifle even more of a straight-line recoil, cutting barrel climb and making the aim of follow-up shots quicker (unfortunately, not measurable in Twilight 2000 v2.2 terms).

The 16.5-inch barrel is tipped by a Para-designed flash suppressor which is slightly longer than a standard AR flash suppressor, and has longer slots. The upper receiver is topped with a MIL-STD-1913 rail which joins the upper rail of the handguards, and the sides and bottom of the handguards have shorter rails which are about one-third the length of the handguards and positioned at the front of them.

Para-Ordnance TTR Assault Rifle

Removable AR-type rear iron sights are included, though the rear sight is a bit more finely-adjustable than a standard AR sight. The front sight is a hooded post which is also removable and folds down. The handguards themselves are made of aluminum instead of polymer.


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