Monday, December 6, 2010

BTR-80A And BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carrier By Russia Army

BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carrier

The BTR-80 APC is designed to transport military personnel under light armour protection, and provide fire support. The BTR-80 APC is provided with ten seats to accomodate the squad (vehicle) commander,
driver, gunner and seven troops. It features a powerful diesel engine, which has considerably increased the APC's mobility. The BTR-80 also boasts better protection than its predecessors.

General description

Given combat experience of the APC in alpine terrain, the mounted troops' small arms field of fire has been considerably increased. The vehicle has also been fitted with a turret machine gun with an elevation of 60 degrees, and a new 1PZ-2 optical sight, which enables the vehicle to fire at air targets. The APC also mounts six barrel smoke dischargers on the rear side of the turret in order to set smoke screens.

The BTR-80 is equipped with bulletproof tyres, which allow the APC to keep on moving even after they have been penetrated by bullets or fragments. The vehicle is capable of moving even when it hits an anti-tank mine and two of its wheels on one side are rendered ineffective. Dismounting of personnel, even on the move, has been made easier due to fitting the APC with larger clamshell side doors (lower panels are used as ramps).
The BTR-80's reliable design became the basis for developing a whole range of various purpose wheeled armoured vehicles.

BTR-80A Armoured Personnel Carrier

The BTR-80A armoured personnel carrier is a BTR-80A derivative designed to carry infantrymen to the battlefield and provide them with fire support as well as to conduct reconnaissance and patrol in any terrain and weather.


The vehicle features topnotch combat and technical characteristics proven in various tests and in combat. Based on the experience of the recent local wars which underlined the need of enhancing the BTR-80A’s
firepower to step up security of troops and convoys escorted, a decision was taken to fit the vehicle with a new turret housing an externally-mounted 30mm automatic cannon and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun.

The gunner’s sight ensures accurate fire delivery against low-flying air targets. Introduction of the TPN3-42 tank passive/active night sight and the OU-5M floodlight have stepped up the vehicle’s night fire capability. The gun and coaxial machine gun’s high elevation angles enable the firer to effectively engage targets on top storeys of buildings when fighting in urban areas, as well as those occupying higher positions in mountains.
The vehicle’s protection and agility match those of the BTR-80A.


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