Monday, December 6, 2010

Next Generation T-55 MBt and T-62 Main Battle Tank Russia Army

T-55 MBT Upgrade and T-62 Main Battle Tank New Upgrade

Dozens of thousands of the T-55/T-62 MBTs are in service with armies of over 50 countries. Programmes for partial and comprehensive modernisation of these tanks are developed. The upgrading can considerably improve their combat effectiveness as far as firepower, armour protection, mobility and combat controllability are concerned.

Modernisation programme T-55 MBT and T-62 MBT The modernisation programmes provide for introduction of an advanced fire control system, additional armour with integrated last generation explosive reactive armour, a more powerful engine, upgraded transmission and new communications and navigation equipment.

T-62 Main Battle tank Upgrade 

T-55 Main Battle Tank Upgrade



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