Monday, December 6, 2010

BMPT Double Barrel Armament System Main Battle Tank Russia

BMPT Tank Support Combat Vehicle

The BMPT tank support combat vehicle is designed to be used within tank formations as a tank destroyer. It is fitted with a powerful armament and excellent protection surpassing those of some modern MBTs.

BMT Tank Armament System
The armament suite comprises twin 30mm 2A42 automatic cannons, the 7.62mm PKTM coaxial machine gun, two remotely controlled independent 30mm AG-17D automatic grenade launchers and four launchers of the Ataka-T ATGM. The missiles are armed with various types of warheads, such as tandem HEAT warhead for defeating 800 mm of ERAaugmented armour, thermobaric and fragmentation warheads. Such a wide range of missile warheads allows the vehicle to hit any existing and future MBTs, hardened emplacements, low-flying helicopters, etc.

The automated fire control system equipped with the thermal imaging sight provides unique fire and reconnaissance capabilities. The vehicle's powerful weaponry, advanced protection and mobility ensure all-weather round-the-clock operation on any terrain, including woodland and built-up areas.

BMT Tank Specifications:
Combat weight,  t 47, Crew 5
Power-to-weight ratio, hp/t 21.3
Maximum road speed, km/h 65
Fuel endurance, km 550
cannon 2 x 30mm 2A42
ammunition, rds 900
machine gun 1 x 7.62mm PKTM
ammunition, rds 2,000
automatic grenade launchers 2 x 30mm AG-17D
ammunition, rds 600
guided weapons 4 Ataka-T ATGM launchers

Gunner's main sight combined optical/thermal channel, ATGM laser guidance and laser range finder
Commander's sight panoramic with TV channel and laser range finder
Sights of grenade launchers operators Agat-MR combined day/night
Navigation equipment GPS
Engine type and power, hp (kW) V-92S2 multifuel diesel


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