Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tavor TAR-21, CTAR-21 AND MTAR-21 Assault Rifle By Israel Military

Tavor TAR-21 Assault Rifle

The Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle was developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) in the early 1990s. The
TAR-21 stands for Tavor Assault Rifle for 21st century. It was first publicly revealed in 1998. This weapon had been tested by the Israel Defense Forces during 1999 - 2002. It was adopted to service in 2006 and replaced the M16A1, CAR-15 and Galil assault rifles. Currently it is in widespread use with the IDF and within the next few years it will become a standard infantry rifle. Export operators are Columbia, Georgia, Guatemala, India, Portugal and Thailand. In the nearest future this weapon will be licenseproduced
in Brazil and Ukraine. It is a gas operated, selective fire assault rifle with a bullpup design. It is chambered for a standard NATO 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition.

Tavor TAR-21
Tavor CTAR-21 Assault Rifle And Tavor MTAR-21 Assault Rifle

This version is 720 mm long, with a 460 mm long barrel, and weighs 3.635 kg with a loaded 30 round magazine. Other versions include the 640 mm long CTAR-21 Commander Tavor, the 520 mm long MTAR-21 Micro Tavor and the STAR-21 Sharpshooter Tavor which is basically essentially the standard rifle fitted with a bipod, a rail to accommodate a variety of sights and a butt pad. In 2004, the Indian Army ordered more than 3,000 rifles to equip SOF units and is considering the local production of the Tavor. The Republic of Georgia has received an undisclosed quantity for its special forces with additional orders expected.

Tavor MTAR-21

Tavor CTAR-21

Tavor TAR-21 Assault Rifle Israeli


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