Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interdynamic MKS and Interdynamic MKR Assault Rifle Made Sweden

These were very unusual-format assault rifles designed by Interdynamic in the late 1970s. The idea was to provide a compact weapon for vehicle crews, paratroopers, and special operations troops. They are “semi-bullpup” designs; the layout is fairly standard, but the magazine is used as the pistol grip of the weapon, and this contributes to a shorter length. The bodies of the rifles are largely of high-impact plastic. The Interdynamic MKS assault rifle fires 5.56mm NATO ammunition, but the MKR fires an experimental 4.7x26mm rimfire cartridge in addition to a version firing 5.56mm NATO. The Interdynamic MKR assault rifle has a longer barrel and uses a standard stock, while the MKS uses a folding stock. Both of these weapons were rejected by Sweden and everyone else, and there were only tiny amounts of civilian sales.

Interdynamic MKS assault rifle

Interdynamic MKR assault rifle


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