Wednesday, February 9, 2011

XM-29 OICW Assault Rifle Objective Individual Combat Weapon

This XM-29 OICW Assault Rifle was designed in the aftermath of the failure of the US Army and Marines to choose a new assault rifle in the late 1980s. The XM-29 OICW Assault Rifle bears no resemblance to any assault rifle, having a 20mm grenade launcher and a 5.56mm NATO carbine, as well as newly-designed optics which greatly-increase hit probability, and a computer-controlled 20mm round which is designed to shower enemy soldiers hiding behind cover with shrapnel.

Development of the weapon began in 1994, but development has been a very slow process. The XM-29 OICW Assault Rifle 20mm round explodes over the target, showering the target(s) with 1d6+2 pieces of shrapnel. Point-detonations are also possible, with 1d6 pieces of shrapnel being produced, or attacking fortifications with a DPW of 6. The OICW’s sight is equivalent to both an image intensifier and a starlight scope, as well as being an electronic sight. A sticking point of the OICW is the weapon’s high cost and high weight. The OICW, as presented here, is probably not in the final form, and it is not expected to be in service before 2006 at the earliest.


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