Monday, October 25, 2010

Anti Terror Special Forces GULTOR


81/Anti Terror Unit is a unit or a abbreviated Sat-81/Gultor at the same level as Kopassus Group, headquartered in Cijantung, East Jakarta. The strength of this unit is not known the number of personnel and types of weapons it has, because all that secret. Minimi 5.56 mm weapons, MP5 9mm, Uzi 9mm, 9mm Beretta, SIG-Sauer 9mm, and some kind of more like a sniper, not detected. Specialist Antibajak aircraft, war city, intelligence & counter-intelligence Formed June 30, 1982.

Sat 81 Gultor Kopassus Anticipating the rise of acts of piracy era aircraft 1970/80-an year, the Head of Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS) Armed Forces set the birth of a new unit within the Special Forces detachment level. On June 30, 1982, came the Detachment 81 (Den-81) with a Special Forces commander Maj. Inf first. Luhut B. Panjaitan with vice captain Inf. Prabowo. Both officers were sent to specialize in handling terror to GSG-9 (Grenzschutzgruppe-9) Germany and upon his return to the country be trusted to select and train a Special Forces soldier who was appointed to the Den-81.

Organizational forces

The desire to establish Den-81 really can not be separated from events hijacking of a Garuda DC-9 Woyla at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok, March 31, 1981. Well, the troops succeeded in freeing Woyla which is the embryo of a member of Den-81, and later changed again so Combating Terror Unit 81 (Sat-81 Gultor). From the period 1995 - 2001, Den-81 was divided so Group 5 Antiteror. Unit which is under the control of Sun-81 was Battalion 811 and Battalion 812.

Recruitment System

Kopassus-Gultor In organizational, Gultor directly under the command and control of the Commander General of Kopassus. Gultor now middle-ranking officers led by colonel. Gultor soldier recruitment process started since a soldier completed the following education and command in Batujajar. From here, they will be placed in combat units of the Group 1 and Group 2, both for orientation or gain operating experience.

Operating Sat-81/Gultor.

Upon his return to headquarters, the soldiers were going to be enhanced to see the possibility of promotion assignment to the Unit or Unit Antiteror Yudha password. For anti-terror, education, performed at the Special Battle Unit Training School Batujajar. The last operation was a success Den-81 is when the release of 26 hostages held GPK Kelly Kwalik in Irian Jaya on May 15, 1996. But Operation Woyla still the only large-scale anti-terror operations that run the TNI until today. It is unclear how many soldiers Gultor Sat-81 today.


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