Monday, October 25, 2010


DENSUS 88 Special Force Anti Terror

DENSUS 88 Anti Terror
 Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI) to invite the Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror Police Headquarters for an open dialogue in order to eliminate suspicion between MMI with the Detachment.

"Today I've met with Densus 88 Suprapto Police Brigadier General and he has been able to dialogue it's just that the time will be determined later," said Chairman of the Department of Information and Data MMI Fauzan Al Anshori, at Police Headquarters on Tuesday.

He said the dialogue was Ustad Abu Bakar Ba'asyir's knowledge as the highest MMI leader who is now incarcerated in LP, East Jakarta. "We want to build trust because so long as if there is suspicion between the Detachment 88 with MMI because during the MMI many defend those accused of terrorism," he said.

He said that the dialogue is expected to have an understanding that the war against terrorism is not going to switch to war against each other.

"Our dialogue with Detachment 88 is a continuation of our dialogue with the Police Chief, the Governor and the Minister in Ponpes Ngruki Solo some time ago," he said.

He said the operation conducted by Detachment 88 in the hunt for the perpetrators of terrorism do not allow any party responsible for the making of this operation as a project for their own interests.

Among Muslims themselves operating Detachment 88 provoke protests because so many procedural errors by intimidation and discrimination against Islamic activists and even there is a tendency discriting," he said.

MMI hopes Detachment 88 will respond to the results of that dialogue as a form of social responsibility towards the Muslim community and police as an institution for guidance as a scourge of society not to discredit the Islamic activists.

"If the Detachment 88 will ignore the results of this dialogue even considered irrelevant then this would indicate a` silent operation performed `Detachment 88 and there were efforts to wash their hands of the wrong done," he said.

When meeting with the commander of Detachment 88 Anti Terror Police Headquarters in addition to Fauzan Al Anshori also attended several board Mujahidin Council in Jakarta.


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