Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poland Produce 2S1 Goździk, AS90 Braveheart and AS52 Braveheartt Artilery

In 1994, in the Polish Armed Forces, together with withdrawing old M 20, M 30 towed guns and with
perspective of withdrawal 2S1 Goździk self propelled howitzers, it was assumed that it is necessary
to design 155mm self propelled howitzer in Poland, with foreign partner. In 1996 MoD issued RFP to Huta
Stalowa Wola (Stalowa Wola Steel Mill), which produced 122mm 2S1 Goździk howitzers, for preparing tacticaltechnical parameters of concept project of six 155mm self propelled howitzers squadron module with all supporting systems and for conducting tender for turret.

2S1 Goździk
 In the first tender in 1997 cancelled due to financial reasons to the last stage several systems were qualified:
Zuzana T, T-6 (both on T-72 MBT chassis), AS-90 and PzH-2000 (the last one, on the modified Leopard
2 MBT chassis). In the second tender, which was conducted a year later, competed: AS-52 Braveheart (AS-90 with L52 barrel) and again Zuzana T and PzH-2000.

Tender concern coproduction of complete artillery system foreign partner was supposed to secure transfer
of technology of the turret. In 1998 all three offers were analysed (according to unofficial information, the
favourite was PzH-2000, smaller chance had Slovaks due to the Zuzana T barrel not complying with JBMoU
(Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding) and constructional solutions of Zuzana turret). To the final
stage were qualified German and British offer; it is worth to stress that both of them were compliant with Polish tactical-technical requirements. MoD decided that the life firing tests will be crucial for making a choice.
AS90 Braveheart
They were conducted in June 1999. The British offer was chosen AS90 Braveheart (with courtesy it was translated to Chrobry one of the Polish kings) turret, 52 calibres long ERO (Extended Range Ordnance) barrel. In July 1999 agreement between Huta Stalowa Wola and GEC Marconi (now BAE Systems) which concern transfer of technology for the production of autonomous turrets of the AS52 Braveheart artillery system and marketing cooperation related to possible export of the system to the third markets, was signed. The contract included transfer of technology of the gun production, turret with fire control system, accessories delivery, spare parts deliveries, technical support, license rights and six turrets produced in the UK deliveries.

The first squadron module (consist of 6 howitzers, 2 vehicles of squadron commander and his deputy), 
2 vehicles of battery commander and fire platoon leader, ammunition vehicle and evacuation tractor) called
Regina (it’s the name for the whole 155mm artillery system with fire, command and logistic subsystems)
was transferred for military trials in 2003. The first Krab howitzer prototype was finished in June
2001 and till the end of November 2001 passed the first stage of live fire trials. Tests of the complete Regina
system were conducted till the end of 2003. After that, the whole programme was frozen till the year 2006
when it was resumed. There is a contract signed for deliveries of KRABs to the Polish Army.


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