Thursday, January 20, 2011

KRAB - 155 mm Self Propelled Howitzer Polandia Military

Crew of the 155mm Krab howitzer consists of 5 people: commander, gunner, 2 loaders and driver. Chassis bases on modified seven wheel tracked SPG-1 Kalina chassis. Driving system – 12 cylinder turbocharged PZL Wola S-12U diesel engine, 625 kW (850 hp) at 2000 rpm. It has 38880 cm3 end transmission system using mechanical gearbox with hydraulic support. Main Krab armament is 155mm calibre gun, 52 calibre long (approx. 8997mm) and 3027 kg weight, British made adapted from AS-52 howitzer, with semi-automatic loading.

Ammunition supply carried inside the howitzer is 60 pcs of bullets and propellant charges of which 31
bullets and 33 propellant charges are located in turret niche and 29 bullets and 27 propellant charges are
located in the storage at the back of the hull. Krab might use ammunition used by NATO (JBMoU): Blast
Fragmentation, cluster munition, guided, long-range with Base Bleed gas generator.

Krab has 3 computers, helping with conducting fire: steering terminal (hurry and automate aiming, loading
and firing processes), aiming (after receiving ballistic data, shows settings and steers the turret turning
mechanisms) and howitzer commander’s computer (ballistic shows tactical situation on digital map,
conducts ballistic calculations, preparing settings for shooting). Aiming and shooting is also supported
by Weibel Scentics MVRS-700 bullet escaping speed doppler radar and Avinco laser rangefinder with 20
km range (for target following and shooting straight).

Both devices are connected with ballistic computer. According to assumptions, the Krab crew should be able to shoot the first round (even while on the move) after less then 30 seconds after receiving orders. External voice communication and data transmission is secured by the RRC-9500-3, internal communication between crew members is secured by Fonet digital internal communication system. It is also possible to mount TROP battlefield command system on the vehicles (not only on howitzers). Howitzer is also equipped with land navigation system with laser gyrocompass and GPS receiver.


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