Friday, January 28, 2011

Franch LG1 Mark II Howitzer Artillery By Giat Technologies Military Industries

The 105mm LG1 Mk II has a cannon assembly with a semi-automatic breech, a vertical breech block and a muzzle brake. It has a twin trail, welded top carriage and a recoil mechanism whose variable recoil enables firing without a recoil pit. The trails are coupled to the moving parts through a suspension mechanism so that, with the trails closed, the wheels are in contact with the ground (towing position) and, with the trails open, the wheels are lifted and the platform is in contact with the ground (firing position).The gun can be operated with a crew of five or seven, If necessary, deployment can be performed with a crew of three.

The LG1 Mark II howitzer is a 105 mm towed artillery piece that features both low weight and a high level of accuracy over long distances. Its lightweight construction gives the barrel a relatively short lifespan. The EFC count is suggested to be approximately 7,500; however, during fire and practice, has yielded only around 1,500 EFCs. The gun was specifically designed for use by rapid deployment forces with attributes such as ruggedness, ease of operation and reduced weight. It can fire all NATO standard 105 mm ammunition up to a range of 18.5 and 19.5 kilometres (11.5 and 12.1 mi) using HE-ER G2 and US M913 rounds.

Length: 6.7 m
Width: 4.1m
Height: about 3 m
Weight: 1.5 ton
Elevation: -84 to 1270 mils
Range of weapon: 18 km (full traverse capability)
Ammunition: 34 rounds on board storage
Engine: 8-cylinder diesel
Maximum speed: 490m/s
Range of operation: 355 km on road
Number in Service: 28


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