Monday, February 7, 2011

Colt M4 Carbine And New Variant Colt M4 Carbine Monolithic Made America

Since the early 1970s the Colt Firearms company developed various carbine versions of the AR-15. The Colt Model 720 is essentially a shortened version of the M16A2 assault rifle. It has a shorter barrel and
telescopic buttstock. As a result this weapon was much more comfortable to carry and to use. The US
Army adopted this carbine in 1994 as the M4. This carbine is still in service and being issued as a
personal defense weapon for the non-frontline troops, vehicle drivers, artillery crews, airborne troops and
special operation units. The Colt M4 Carbine Assault Rifle is also in service with at least 30 operators worldwide.

It is a gas operated, selective fire weapon, chambered for the standard NATO 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition. It's
internal design is similar to that of the M16A2. In fact these weapons have 80% parts commonality. Because of the shorter barrel this weapon has an effective range of 360 meters. The Colt M4 has a telescopic 4-position stock, which is adjusted for length, and allows to shorten the rifle when required.

Colt still owns the TDP for the M16 rifle, but its status as the sole supplier for the military ended in the late 1980s, when FN Manufacturing LLC won its first contract. The Army still uses versions of the M16, but stopped buying them when it decided to field M4s to all deploying combat units in 2006.

The Colt M16/M4 Family of weapons provides today’s soldier and/or law enforcement officer with reliable and combat proven accurate firepower in a 5.56mm platform on the modern battlefield. This capability can be drastically enhanced when any of a myriad of after-market accessories is mounted on the weapon. These combat multipliers can serve many purposes:
Sighting devices enhance the one-shot, one hit probability; visible and IR lasers decrease engagement times and allow for use in low-light or no-light conditions; and grips enhance the user’s comfort and weapon manipulation.

Most accessories can be quickly mounted and removed without the use of tools in seconds and
several accessories can be maintained in the unit armory and employed as each unique mission dictates. This guide is designed to assist the customer in deciding which accessory is best for their particular unit’s mission. It is not intended to promote any one product in particular, but rather to provide a wellrounded and broad overview of those available accessories that are not only the most commonly requested, but also of sufficient
quality to enhance (rather than degrade) the performance of Colt’s weapons.

The manual focuses on the capability of the type of accessory and not necessarily the BRAND of accessory. At the bottom of each page, you will find listed other companies that offer the same technology. Keep in mind that Colt Defense LLC is ready to be your “one-stop shopping” resource. Once you have made your selection, Colt will issue your quote, accept your order, prepare for and apply for your license, collect all
accessories at our West Hartford facilities, ship them to you ready to use so you only have to deal with one source of supply for the entire package.


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