Monday, February 7, 2011

New Produce Colt M-41A Pulse Rifle Best Accuracy From Marines Aliens 2

This is the signature weapon of the Colonial Marines in the sequel to Aliens, Aliens 2. It is a short barreled assault rifle that fires 10mm caseless explosive-tipped armor-piercing ammunition. The rounds are caseless chemically-propelled rounds; however, the primer is electrically-ignited. It uses a rotating breech mechanism and the barrel is free-floating, granting a bit more accuracy. The Colt M-41A Pulse Rifle  is constructed largely of what would be considered in our time exotic composites, such as carbon nanotubes. The weapon has a gyroscopic recoil compensator to help control recoil, as well as a conventional muzzle brake.

On the side of the magazine well is a digital ammunition counter; this device counts the ammunition as it is being fired or reloaded in clear, easy-to read red LED numbers. Of course, the assault rifle portion is only half the weapon. The M-41A includes a 30mm grenade launcher under the barrel for heavier work. This is a pump-action weapon which, though not designed for sustained fire use (its magazine holds only four rounds), it useful for quick explosive work.

Weapon M-41A Pulse Rifle Ammunition 10x24mm Caseless Weight  4.9 kg Magazines 99


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