Saturday, November 27, 2010

Indonesia Made Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle Variant Series

Indonesia bought 10,000 Belgian FN FNC rifles in 1982 and two years later signed an agreement to licence produce this weapon with PT Pindad. The locally manufactured weapon is called the SS1 and has several variants: the V1 with folded buttstock, V2 carbine, V3 with fixed buttstock, V4 sniper rifle and V5 compact carbine as well marinized versions the M1, M2 and M5 Commando. In 2006 the PT Pindad showed an upgraded version of the assault rifle called the SS2.

 It is lighter, more reliable, has a new folded buttstock with optional cheek rest, redesigned lower and upper receiver with a top Picatinny rail and M16A4 lookalike detachable carrying handle with mechanical sights. There are four variants of the SS2 standard V1, carbine V2, sniper V3 and compact carbine V5. Over 25,000 SS2 have been purchased so far by the Indonesian Army.

Sniper Shoot Gun Produck Pt. Pindad Indonesia

Indonesia Made Machine Gun Series Varians Pt.Pindad

Inonesia made Machine Gun SM1-V1 and SM2-V2 By PT. Pindad

SS2 Assault Rifle Series Varians PT.Pindad Indonesia Army Industry

Indonesia Made Assault Rifle Series SS1 Marines By PT Pindad


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