Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sako M-90 Assault Rifle Finnish Armed Forces.

Sako M-90 Assault Rifle While the M-76 Assault Rifle replaced the M-62 Assault Rifle, the Sako M-90 Assault Rifle replaced the M-76 Assault Rifle. It is also an evolutionary update of the two previous designs, using stronger materials, new plastic magazines, a stronger folding butt (which folds to the side), a full muzzle brake instead of a flash suppressor, and sights that withstand more abuse and are both easier to adjust and can be more finely adjusted, as well as having tritium inlays. The Sako M-90 Assault Rifle is built in 7.62mm Kalashnikov and 5.56mm NATO calibers, with the 7.62mm Kalashnikov version being used by Finnish armed forces.

Sako M-90 Assault Rifle

The M-90 Assault rifle can launch both rifle grenades that require a muzzle adapter and more modern bullet-trap designs. The 5.56mm version can also fire the RAW. Both models can mount the M-203 or BG-25/30 grenade launchers or grenade launchers that use similar weapon mounts. Though the M-90 Rifle was offered for export, the Finnish government is mum on who they sold any to, if anyone.

M-76 Assault Rifle

Sako M-90 Assault Rifle By the time of Finnish entry into hostilities, Finland had not managed to quite replace half of its stock of M-76s. Oddly enough, both calibers of this weapon were common sights in the hands of both Israeli and American special operations forces, and the M-90 was known as a weapon that could turn up in the oddest places.


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