Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best Generation Sako M-95 Assault Rifle

Sako M-95 Assault Rifle This is a further development of the M-90 Assault Rifle, enhanced primarily in the areas of structural strength, and a few other improvements. Some of these improvements include an enlarged trigger guard to allow the wearing of arctic gloves, a slight relocation of the selector lever to make sure the stock is not in the way when it is folded, flip sights which include a special position for CQB, a fixed rear sight, with adjustments being done from the front sight, and a slightly lengthened barrel.

Sako M-95 Assault Rifle

Sako M-95 Assault Rifle  7.62mm version is also capable of using a silencer along with subsonic ammunition (though automatic fire through the silencer is not recommended). It is otherwise virtually identical to the Sako M-90. The Finnish government ordered one small batch of these weapons in 1997 (designating them the RK-95TP), and then abruptly cancelled the order due to budgetary reasons. By 2000, production of the M-95 Assault Rifle had virtually ceased, though Sako was still had the weapon in its catalog as available for sale.

Sako M-95 Assault Rifle

Sako M-95 Assault Rifle In 1996, with the outbreak of the Twilight War, Finland rushed into production of the Model 95 rifles for use by their military forces; the primary reason for this choice was the capability to use both NATO and Warsaw Pact ammunition, both of which Finland had in quantity. However, the Model 95 had not reached full production by the 1997 nuclear exchange, and so the M-90 rifle is still the predominant rifle to be encountered. It is estimated that only 9000 M-95 rifles had been produced by the time of the nuclear exchanges.


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