Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The DIEMACO C-8SFW (Special Forces Weapon) Assault Rifle was designed at the behest of the British MoD for use by its special operations forces. British SOF units have long been dissatisfied by the L-85 series, including the L-85A2; they used the US-made M-16 series as well as the M-4 series, and later the C-7 and C-8 series, but were looking for a weapon more tailored for their special needs.

They also didn’t want to buy from any company that had been in bankruptcy within the past ten years, as Colt had been. The Diemaco C-8SFW Assault Rifle is basically a highly modified and tailored version of the C-8A1, with a 16.1-inch heavy barrel instead of the 14.5-inch heavy barrel of the C-8 series; this increases accuracy at long ranges without unduly increasing the length and bulk of the weapon. The forward sections of the handguards are equipped with MIL-STD-1913 rails (actually a KAC RAS system) which allow the use of a wide variety of accessories such as handgrips, flashlights, laser aiming modules, bipods, etc.


The top of the receiver also has a MIL-STD-1913 rail for the mounting of optics; standard is the same Elcan sight used on the C-8A1 and C-7A1. Provision has also been made for the mounting of the HK AG-36 grenade launcher or the HK-79 grenade launcher. The iron sights were redesigned to give them more strength and stability. The C-8SFW is equipped with a sliding stock.

The C-8SFW Assault Rifle is capable of using virtually types of 5.56mm NATO ammunition, including armor-piercing types, heavy bullets, rubber bullets, etc. Twilight 2000 Notes: The C-8 would still be in use, but in lesser numbers. The Danish would not have been issued the C-8A1, but the Canadians would have been, in even smaller number than the basic C-8. The C-8CQB Assault Rifle is a very rare weapon virtually exclusive to Canadian special operations units. The C-8A2, C-8FTHB, C-8CT and Diemaco C-8SFW Assault Rifle do not exist in the Twilight 2000 timeline.


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