Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SS1 Always Wins in The World Level

SS1 Assault Rifle stands for 1. These rifles are produced by PT. Pindad Bandung. Beginning of the manufacture of these weapons because Indonesia embargoed weapons by the Americans, who at that time our armed forces are still using M 16 as a weapon organic. Because M16 is in Indonesia started in many places we semntara damaged due to non-available spare parts embargo, Indonesia decided to produce its own weapons. SS1 was made based on the FN FNC rifle with a license from Fabrique Nationale arms company (FN), Belgium. FN FNC is currently used by the Belgian armed forces. License FNC also been sold to Sweden as Bofors Ak 5.

SSI-V1 Assault Rifle Made Indonesia Military Industry

SS1 is an assault rifle with caliber 5.56 x 45 mm and 7? barrel rifling that has high accuracy and durability. Using foldable butt, it is appropriate to be used in all combat fields. SS1 can be assembled with some accessories such as silencer, telescope, bayonet, various types of grenade launchers, etc. This rifle has been developed into some variants in line with its operational field, namely standard, marinized and rider types, not only for long barrel. Marinized type is specially designed for marine and swamp condition, whereas raider type is designed for special combat field.

Varians SSI Indonesia Army

Detail Design

SS-1 produced in 2 main configurations, namely the standard rifle and carbine short. Standard rifle version called SS1-V1 (FNC "Standard" Model 2000) and a carbine called the SS1-V2 (FNC "Short" Model 7000). Both variants of the above is equipped with a barrel that contains the right-hand spin shot along the 178 mm (for the Belgian SS109 bullet stabilization anticipate more severe.

SSI-V4 Made Indonesia Army Industry


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