Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SSI-R5 Lightweight Dashing High Accuracy

SSI-R5 Assault Rifle Indonesia Army Rider

SS1-R5 Raider - Sub-V5 variant specially designed for military special forces newest Raider. R is short for Raider and R5 made specifically for this battalion alone. SS1-R5 has a more sleek and lightweight design.SS1-R5 Assault Rifle come up light and slimer with high accuration. Destined to special team like attack, infiltration, short distance contact with forest field, mount, swamp, sea and or urban. SS1-R5 can be attached bayonet and various types of telescopes. Rifle is Capable cast bullet as far as I, 2 km in a state of Accuracy.

SSI-R5 Made Indonesia Army


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