Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Panzer Anoa 6x6 Made PT.PINDAD Indonesia Succes For UN Mission

Indonesia Military Made Panser Anoa 6x6 PT.Pindad For Indonesian Country Defense

This Indonesia made Panser Anoa 6x6 PT.Pindad entrance Qualification Nato Standard, even Panzer Quality Products PT. Pindad Indonesia better Quality of Chinese-made. This Panser Original Made Indonesia already many countries are using this 6x6 Anoa Panzer, one of which is Thailand, Malaysia, Oman and even order a 200 Panzers of this type to maintain its oil fields and a number of countries in the Middle East and Asean.

Panser Anoa 6x6 Indonesia Army
Panser Indonesia Anoa 6x6 By PT.Pindad Industry Indonesia Military

Made Panser Anoa 6x6 PT.Pindad - Indonesia Military Industry
Panser Anoa 6x6 Used in UN Mission

Indonesia Made Panser Anoa By PT. Pindad Military Industry

Panser Anoa PT. Pindad


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