Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smart Eagle II Aircraft Spy Unmanned

Smart Eagle II is the first prototype UAV (Unman Aerical Vehicle) made by PT. Aviator Teknologi Indonesia for intelligence interests in Indonesia, especially for operaional BAIS (Strategic Intelligence Agency).

UAV made in Indonesia was first introduced in the Indo Defence 2006 kepublik, then there are several other prototypes that also included among Wallet-UNV Tactical and RAI-made PT. Mitra Mandiri goodwill.

This is a result of the development and joint research between the Ministry of Defence and Strategic Industries owned by Indonesia.

Smart Eagle II Made Indonesia Air Force


As a vehicle for middle-range observation is Smart Eagle II (hereinafter referred to as SE-II) first appeared in public at the end of 2005. SE II is one component of a set of observations via air system consisting of an unmanned air vehicle (water vehicle), cargo (payload), and the control station (ground control station).

SE II physical dimensions are as follows. Total body length reached 3.6 meters while the width of 4.8 meter wingspan and height (from ground to tip of tail fin) of about one meter. With an empty weight of 65 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight (maximum take-off weight) 100 kg, SE II, capable of flying for almost six hours while carrying cargo loads weighing 20 kilograms.

Tempo flight includes two hours to get to and home from surgery and four hours to action. Gasoline have capital of 20 liters, SE II can fly as far as 150 kilometers and as high as 30 kilometers with a normal cruising speed (cruise speed) 120 kilometers per hour. However, in emergencies SE II flying speed can be boosted up to 150 kilometers per hour in order to reach locations as far as 300 kilometers.


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