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Firefly T67 RAF Training Pilot

Firefly T67 Training Aircraft

The Firefly T67 Training Aircraft, which entered RAF service in 1996, is a two-seat aircraft used at the RAF College Cranwell for training pilots who have completed elementary flying training and have been selected for multi-engine training on the Jetstream TMk1. The Firefly is used on a Multi-Engine Lead-In (MELIN) course, which is an integral part of the role of the Jetstream training squadron, No 45 (R) Squadron. The course gives student pilots an insight into more advanced flying than they encounter on the elementary course and comprises general handling, procedural instrument flying, low-level navigation, formation flying, night flying and an introduction to dual-crew operations.

in Yorkshire, is a single piston-engined aircraft with a 260hp Textron Lycoming engine, which drives a three-blade, constant-speed, composite propeller. Its instrumentation and communications equipment allows it to be flown along airways and the aircraft is cleared for instrument flying and night flying. The Firefly is fitted with side-by-side dual controls, a fixed windscreen and a backward-tilting canopy incorporating direct ventilation windows and fresh-air scoops. The unpressurised aircraft is fully aerobatic and can easily maintain height during an aerobatic sequence. The aircraft also has fuel and oil systems capable of sustaining inverted flight.

The Firefly Aircraft can carry two pilots for over three hours of training. This endurance, coupled with a rapid climb rate of less than 10 minutes to reach 10,000ft, make it an excellent training aircraft.

Firefly Aircraft

Firefly T67 Aircraft

• Excellent performance, handling and visibility, with full aerobatic capability.
• Side-by-side seating, preferred for the basic flying-training role.
• Durable long-life airframe with a rugged, widetrack, fixed undercarriage.
• Low maintenance costs and minimum routineinspection requirements.
• Used for initial pilot training, prior to multiengine advanced training.

Powerplant: Textron Lycoming flat sixcylinder engine
Rating: 260hp
Wingspan: 10.72m (35ft 3ins)
Length: 7.48m (24ft 7ins)
Height: 2.29m (7ft 6ins)
Max T/O weight: 1159kg (2550lbs)
Max range: 650nmls
Max speed: 154kts (177mph) at sea level
Max altitude: 10,000 ft

Firefly T67


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