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Dominie TMk1 New Version

Dominie TMk1 Aircraft

The Dominie TMk1 Aircraft, which has been in RAF Service since 1965, is the military training version of the Hawker Siddeley 125 twin-jet business aircraft. A total of nine aircraft are operated by No 55(R) Squadron at the RAF College Cranwell, where they are used to train weapons systems officers and operators, air engineers and air loadmasters in systems management, air leadership, decision making and teamwork to meet the operational demands of the RAF.

In 1996 the Dominie TMk1 aircraft underwent a major upgrade programme, with the installation of a modern avionics suite and a new systems installation and cabin layout, completed under contract by Racal and Marshall Aerospace. The design features included installation of a Super Searcher Ground-mapping Radar, which was fully integrated with the aircraft’s associated radio equipment, avionics systems, multicolour displays and navigation mission-computer.

The Dominie T Mk1 has a maximum crew of six and is generally operated with one pilot captain,
with the remaining aircrew comprising a balance of up to five students and instructors. Training sorties are usually of two to three hour’s duration and are flown in a mixture of regimes dependent on the stage of training and the exercise requirements. These sorties include a mix of low-level flying, maritime operations, radar handling and targeting training. Medium level, high level and general-handling sorties are flown for other training requirements, including trials flights conducted for the Air Warfare Centre at RAF Waddington.

Dominie TMk1

Dominie TMk1 Aircraft
• Used to train weapons systems officers and operators, air engineers and air loadmasters.
• Military training version of the Hawker Siddeley 125 business jet.
• Major upgrade in 1996, incorporating modern avionics, new operating systems and cabin
• Crew composition of one pilot captain and a total of five students/instructors.
• Mixed sorties of low, medium and high-level exercises dependent on training requirement.

Powerplant: Two Rolls-Royce Viper Mk 301 turbojets
Thrust: 3310lbs each
Wing span: 14.33m (47ft 1ins)
Length: 14.48m (47ft 5ins)
Height: 4.87m (16ft 0ins)
Max T/O weight: 21,000lbs
Max speed: 284kts (327mph)
Max altitude: 42,000ft

Dominie TMk1 aircraft


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