Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cobra 2000 and Mamba Missile Made Germany

Cobra 2000 Anti Tank Guide Missile

This predecessor of the Mamba is very similar to that missile, but built using older technology. It uses an older, less accurate guidance method and a smaller, less powerful warhead. It is by virtue of its design a compact, fairly robust system that is very resistant to ECM and EMP. It has long been out of use in Europe, but can still sometimes be found in Central America and South America.

The Cobra has a cruciform arrangement of four large forward swept wings. The main body is a long cylinder, with an underslung launch booster. Each of the wings has a spoiler on the rear edge which is used to steer the missile. The warhead is at the front of the missile, behind which is the gyro and guidance circuitry which allows the missile to interpret steering instructions from the operator. Behind the guidance mechanism is the sustainer motor, around which is wrapped the guidance wire which plays out behind the missile.

Mamba Anti Tank Guide Missile
This is a lightweight, man-portable ATGM used by Germany. The Mamba uses an unusual "jump-start" launch which requires no launcher--the missile’s fins are extended and the missile is simply placed on the ground, and small jets throw the Mamba into the air before the rocket motor is started. The Mamba comes in HEAT and HE warheads. It is not a particularly advanced or effective missile by modern standards.
Twilight 2000 Notes: The Mamba is light and cheap, which is why it was retained; however, it is mostly used as a bunker-buster than an antiarmor weapon.


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