Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RBS-56 Bill And RBS-56-2 Bill 2 Anti Tank Guide Missile Swedish

RBS-56 Bill ATGM

The RBS-56 Bill is the world’s first operational top-attack missile. The Bill flies over the target and uses its canted warhead to attack the thin overhead armor. The Bill tracker automatically corrects for wind drift and has a computer that assists the gunner in steering the missile. The Bill can be ground-mounted, but is very heavy; it can also be vehicle or helicopter-mounted.

RBS-56-2 Bill 2

This is externally similar to the RBS-56 Bill above; however the firing stand has been given a day/night capability and the electronics are more compact. In the Basic Mode the missile flies 1.05 meters above the Line-Of-Sight and attacks the target from above, avoiding the heavily protected frontal arc. And to increase combat flexibility the gunner has two more firing modes at his command. The warhead arrangement, with its vertically striking shaped charges, compensated for dynamic effects, have demonstrated BILL 2’s very high Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP). Any MBT, old or new, whether equipped with the most advanced add-on/integrated protection or not, will be effectively and immediately put out-of-action.

The effective combat range for both static and moving targets is 150-2,200 meters and the flight time at maximum range is 13 seconds. BILL 2 has a SACLOS guidance system and the missile is wire-guided. The guidance system contains a flight simulator with a computerised model in the sight, simulating the whole target engagement. A parallel engagement simulation in real time is created via the continuous comparisons made between simulation and reality, using processed in-put signals from the missile tracker and the angle indicator. The laser beacon in the aft of the missile transmits individually coded laser signals back to the sight (missile tracker), making the system immune to jamming. The missile system incorporates both an interactive, dual-purpose sensor system and an impact fuze.


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