Friday, January 28, 2011

Pindad Made Variant LMG SPG

Pindad LMG called SM-3 is based on FN Minimi SAW 5.56 mm. Whille the heavier machine guns (.50/12.7 mm) is based on Singapore CIS .50, called SM-2. Pindad choses the products that they're going to developed (their own design or under licensed), always refer to what TNI preferences. Also their 40 mm Automatics Grannat Launchers (AGL) seems based to ST 40 mm AGL, called SPG-3 on Pindad productions run.
On the SPG-1, the barrel is located under an overhead assembly that carries the folding iron rearsight. If required, the SPG-1 can be reconfigured as an SPG-1A.With the SPG-1A, the 40 mm barrel assembly is secured under the foregrip of the host rifle, and there is no pistol grip. The folding sights are located on the foregrip.For both configurations, the maximum range is given as from 150 m to 400 m (target dependant). However, the maximum effective range is quoted as 200 m against area targets and 150 m against point targets. Both launchers are chambered for the 40 × 46 SR cartridge and can be used to fire a wide variety of 40 mm Low-Velocity (LV) spin-stabilised grenades.


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