Friday, January 28, 2011

Paramount Mbombe 6x6 Armoured Fighting Vehicle South African Army Forces

The 6x6 wheeled vehicles is designed to carry significant payloads over all types of terrain, with extreme mobility. The three axle configuration provides excellent cross-country performance. Mbombe has a highly versatile platform and can be modified to cater to military requirements across the world. The platform has a modern design and incorporates the latest technology to reduce overall height.  The vehicle has ample space to accommodate a driver, commander, gunner and eight armoured infantrymen. The versatile platform allows the manufacturers to easily convert it into other variants. This maximum commonality provides flexibility and reduces the overall cost of owning and using the vehicle.

Mbombe incorporates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) automotive assemblies and components supplied by volume-driven manufacturers. This will reduce the cost of ownership and increases the availability of components in the market.

The vehicle can be optionally fitted with central tyre inflation system (CTIS), run flat inserts (RFI), ABS brakes, BC overpressure system, auxiliary power unit, radios, intercom systems, add-on armour kits (active and passive) and battlefield management systems. Paramount Group moved into the production of its own land systems platforms in 2008. The group's activities centre on the m anufacture of aerospace, maritime and land systems, with a range of products including the refurbished Mirage F1AZ jet fighter aircraft, mine-protected vehicles such as Mbombe, Marauder and Matador as well as internal security vehicles such as the Maverick.

In September 2010 Paramount Group launched its latest armoured vehicle, Mbombe. The 6X6 infantry fighting vehicle offers an extremely high level of protection against anti-tank mines and improvised explosive devices with a revolutionary flat shaped hull offering STANAG 4569 Level IV protection.
Mbombe delivers sufficient power and retains its mobility characteristics even though it is configured as an AFV carrying modern automatic cannon. It is equipped with 6x6 wheeled chassis accommodating substantial loads over all types of terrain.


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