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M1A1HA Main Battle Tank Heany Armor

M1A1HA Main Battle Tank

Like the Leopard 2, the M1 was undertaken after the MBT-70 project collapsed in disarray. Also like the Leopard 2, the used a combination of advances in armor and powerplants to deliver a notably advanced vehicle, once teething troubles were ironed out. Early M1s were armed with a 105mm rifled cannon, like the one that graced its M60A3 predecessor. The M1A1 (featured in Steel Beasts) improved the armor and upgraded the 105mm rifle to a 120mm smoothbore cannon. Recently, the M1A2 model has been provided, adding various improvements to fire and command control, and more armor. The M1 is built in the US, as well as being assembled in Egypt, and is in service with the US Army and Marines, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The M1 is the first really good tank the USA has built. The M1's biggest shortcomings are high cost and a very thirsty engine it drinks 50 gallons of fuel an hour, whether idling or running flat out but these are made up for by a very good package overall. Mobile, heavily-armed, and well5 protected, the Americans have tweaked the M1 from a good basic design into a tank they can rightly be proud of.

M1A1HA Main Battle Tank
The M1A1HA (Heavy Armor) refers to the up-armored version, which incorporates a layer of depleted uranium mesh in the armor package. It basically doubles the protection of the original M1 against both shaped-charge and kinetic energy warheads. However, as you'll soon discover in Steel Beasts, "excellent tank" doesn't mean "invincible tank". Your frontal armor may be nearly impenetrable to most enemy tanks at ranges over 1500 meters which means it is penetrable at ranges under 1500 meters, and also penetrable from the sides. Lots of OPFOR vehicles carry ATGMs that will knock out critical systems even if they don't
achieve a catastrophic hit.

Your cannon is worth a lot less once all the fancy fire control gear is shaken to bits by a non-penetrating
hit! Play it smart, go slowly and carefully, coordinate with your supporting infantry and artillery, and you should find that it dominates the battlefield. If you try the "tank rush" tactics from an RTS game, you'll soon be commanding a burning wreck. At some point after initial release, the mine clearing equipment will be implemented in the game, and it will be used by both sides. In the meantime, have a sneak peak at what's in store for an upcoming SB upgrade .

Crew: 4
Armament: 120mm cannon, 7.62mm coax MG, 12.7mm AA MG, 7.62mm A MG
Ammunition: 40 x 120mm; 1,000 x 12.7mm; 11,400 x 7.62mm
Armour Protection: max approx. 1300mm vs HEAT, approx. 650mm vs KE
Armour Type: Chobham and steel
Length: 9.845 meters
Width: 3.657 meters
Height: 2.375 meters
Combat Weight: 62.6 tons
Engine: Textron Lycoming AGT 1500 gas turbine
Max Road Speed: 67 km/h
Max Water Speed: sinks [can ford 1.219m, or 1.98 with preparation]
Max Cruising Range: 498 km


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