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M-901 ITV TOW Vehicle And M981 FIST-V Fire Support Team Vehicle

M-901 ITV (Improved TOW Vehicle)

Quite possibly as a result of the BRDM-2 AT vehicle's successes in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, the US decided to have an ATGM carrier too. The prototype was selected from three contenders in 1976, and production commenced in the same year. By 1996, when production ended, over 3200 of these modified M-113A2s had been built. Eight nations use the M-901 or a variant thereof, and the FIST-V is technically a variant of the M-901. The clever-rabbit part of the M-901 is the inclusion of all the missile targeting kit into the 13extendable launcher (called the "hammerhead").

This means you can keep the bulk of the vehicle hidden behind some convenient obstacle - a berm, hill crest, or maybe somebody you don't like - and plink away at the enemy with the TOW from that cover. Here's an old Warsaw Pact trick hide behind a destroyed tank, and you'll be a little harder to spot. The launcher has
powered 360 deg traverse, and elevates from -30 to +34 deg.

The M901 ITV is a powerful ally, but must be used from a distance; it's armor is less than the Bradley's, so you don't want to be trading shots with the enemy. Words to the wise keep these babies at maximum range, 2 -3 kms from the enemy, in defilade. The maximum range of the TOW-2s is 3750m, so try to engage the enemy from as far away as possible, and make sure that they aren't the center of attention, as the launch signature is highly visible and will telegraph the M901's position to the enemy. Long range is good, but if you have the time, use a couple of alternate battle positions and keep them moving between them. One lucky shot, or an artillery barrage will finish one of these things for good, and it's not like you'll have as many ITVs as the
enemy will have BRDM-2 ATs. When used properly by a seasoned commander, ITVs can really save your bacon. Just keep in mind that they are a fairly limited resource.

M-901 ITV (Improved TOW Vehicle)
Crew: 4 or 5
Armament: Twin TOW Launcher, 7.62mm MG
Ammunition: 2 TOW plus 10 reloads, 1,000 x 7.62mm (fires basic TOW, I-TOW, and TOW-2 series)
Armour: max 38mm
Armour Type: Steel and Aluminium
Length: 4.83 meters
Width: 2.686 meters
Height: 2.91 meters (3.35m with TOW launcher erected)
Combat Weight: 11,794 kg
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V-52 6-cylinder water-cooled
Max Road Speed: 67.59 km/h going downhill with a tailwind
Max Water Speed: 5.8 km/h when the fishies help push (Ed. note: I can't believe this thing can swim.)
Max Cruising Range: 483 km

M981 FIST-V Fire Support Team Vehicle

The M981 FIST-V is one of the many variants of the M113 family. It is an Artillery Forward Observer Vehicle and is used primarily to spot, locate, designate and correct artillery fire from a forward location on the modern battlefield. It also enables the FIST headquarters to acquire and lase targets for terminally guided munitions and to coordinate fire support while keeping up with the maneuver unit. The resemblance to the M901 ITV (Improved TOW Vehicle) is not an accident; it gives it the ability to remain inconspicuous as an FO to the enemy.

In Steel Beasts, artillery called within the LOS of a FIST-V will arrive sooner because the FIST team can cut through the red tape better. Instead of waiting two minutes for rounds to impact, you may only have to wait 45 seconds.

The M981 FISTV (Fire Support Team Vehicle) is a United States Army armored vehicle designed to house an Artillery observer team in mechanized units. It is based on the ubiquitous M113 Armored Personnel Carrier chassis. It was based on the M901 Improved TOW Vehicle (ITV), and outwardly closely resembles it, so as to make it less conspicuous on the battlefield.

M981 FIST-V Fire Support Team Vehicle
Crew: n/a
Armament: 7.62mm MG
Ammunition: 1,000 x 7.62mm
Armour: 44mm maximum
Armour Type: Aluminum
Length: 4.863 meters
Width: 2.686 meters
Height to top: 3.35 meters
Height, travelling: 2.91 meters
Combat Weight: 11,486 kg
Engine: Detroit 6V-53 6 cylinder water-cooled diesel
Max Road Speed: 60.7 km/h
Max Water Speed: 5.8 km/h amphibious
Max Cruising Range: 480 km


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