Wednesday, July 25, 2012

IL-114MP Multi Purpose Patrol Aircraft

The IL-114MP multi purpose patrol aircraft is designed for aerial patrolling in littoral and blue water zones, and provides detection, identification, tracking and destruction of underwater and surface targets. The IL-114MP gathers electronic reconnaissance data on underwater and surface vessels. It can also be employed in SAR operations in emergency cases. The crew locates missing persons with the help of the onboard detection systems, and airdrops survival equipment.

The IL-114MP Patrol Aircraft is capable of engaging enemy surface vessels from a standoff range. Its ASW capabilities include submarine detection, tracking and engagement, as well as planting of linear mine barriers. The avionics suite includes radar, sonobuoys, magnetic anomaly detection equipment, managing computer system, IR and television imaging system and electronic reconnaissance system. Modular design of the ASW system enables further build-up of additional equipment, including installation of any equipment or subsystems meeting the MIL-STD-1553B standard.

 IL-114MP Patrol Aircraft
 IL-114MP Aircraft

IL-114MP Specifications 
                                        IL-114P                                IL-114MP
Length, m                           27.40                                       29.654
Wing span, m                     30.00                                       30.00
Height, m                           9.186                                       9.186
Max take-off weight, kg      26,000                                     30,000
Patrol speed, km/h             350-400                                   350-400
Patrol altitude, m               100-8,000                                 500-8,000

Patrol duration at a range
of up to 300 km, hrs          8-12                                         9-12*
Take-off run, m                 800                                          1,300
Landing roll, m                 500                                           1,000
Powerplant                       2 x TV7-117                              2 x AI-20D
series 2 series 5
turboprops turboprops
Crew                               2                                                2
Operators                       2-4                                              2-4


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