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HS125 CC3 Aircraft RAF Communication

HS125 CC3 Aircraft
 The HS125 CC3 Aircraft is operated by No 32 (The Royal) Squadron, at RAF Northolt. The Squadron operates six Series 700B aircraft in the Royal or VIP transport and communication roles. The standard operating crew for each aircraft consists of two pilots and one cabin attendant. The HS125 CC3 is an all-metal, low-wing monoplane with a semi-monocoque fuselage and a moderately swept, cantilever wing and stabilisers. It is certified as a transport category aircraft and can operate in all weather conditions, including adverse icing conditions.

The HS125 CC3 aircraft is powered by two Garret TFE731-3-1H turbofans that are attached by pylons to the rear section of the aircraft. The lightweight TFE series of engines are quiet and economical and their modular design allows easy maintenance and reduces the engine’s unserviceability rate. In addition to providing power, the engines also drive an accessory gearbox, which, in turn, drives the aircraft’s fuel, oil and hydraulic pumps and a generator for electrical power. As each engine has a separate gearbox, all aircraft systems can operate normally on a single engine. The HS125 CC3 is fitted with an electronic defensive-aids suite that gives the aircraft almost 360ยบ protection against Infrared missiles.

The HS125 fuselage contains three main sections. The forward section of the fuselage contains a weather radar, the cockpit and the galley area; the centre section contains the passenger compartment, which can accommodate up to six passengers and their luggage; the rear section contains a large equipment bay and two additional fuel tanks for extended-range operations.

RAF HS125 CC3 Aircraft
 The HS125 CC3 regularly provides a passenger service to the Royal Family, Government ministers and senior military officers. Its robust engineering, flexibility of operation and rapid turn-around times have made it a very successful aircraft, operated throughout the world in the VIP role and, in its communications role, the HS125 CC3 Aircraft has provided support for most RAF peacekeeping and humanitarian operations worldwide. HS125 CC3 Aircraft is Operates in the Royal or VIP transport and communication roles. Total of six aircraft, operated by No 32 (The Royal) Squadron, at RAF Northolt. Crew of two pilots, one cabin attendant and up to six passengers. Minimum ground time required to turn the aircraft around after landing. Fitted with a defensive-aids suite to combat Infrared missile threats.

HS125 CC3 Aircraft RAF Communication


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