Thursday, March 3, 2011

HMS Dauntless Type 45 Class Destroyers BAE Systems Technologie

HMS Dauntless is the second of six Type 45 destroyers being built for the Royal Navy. All will be based in Portsmouth.The Type 45 destroyer represents the cutting-edge of air defence and propulsion technology and reflects the excellence of British manufacturing expertise delivering real operational capability. The HMS Dauntless ship is able to deal not only with today's threats but most importantly tomorrow's and will be a key element of the 21st century Royal Navy.

The HMS Dauntless Type 45 destroyer is the largest and most powerful air defence destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy. It will provide UK Defence with a world-class military capability. The HMS Dauntless sailed from the Clyde for the first time on 14 November 2008 to conduct sea trials, testing power and propulsion, weapons and communications systems. Although not yet transferred to the Royal Navy, some of her future crew sailed with her.

The HMS Dauntless arrived at HMNB Portsmouth for the first time on 2 December 2009, and was formally handed over to the Ministry of Defence by her builders on 3 December 2009 During her sea trials Dauntless made her inaugural visit to her affiliated city of Newcastle upon Tyne in May 2010.

The prime role of the HMS Dauntless Type 45 destroyer will be air defence: protecting UK national and allied/coalition forces against enemy aircraft and missiles. It will carry the UK variant of the world-leading Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS) including the UK-designed Sampson multi-function radar.
In addition to its world-class air defence capability, one of the Type 45s greatest assets is its versatility. The Type 45 will be able to act as a base platform for a deployable headquarters, from where operations can be commanded. This will result in an improvement in our expeditionary capability.

The Type 45 will also be able to embark up to 60 troops (over and above its own complement) and their equipment, and support them with a modern medical facility that can deliver surgical capability.
The Type 45 has frequently been cited by the British press as being the first class of warship to include e-mail and entertainment systems (including iPod charging points)[9] within the messdecks. These reports relate to 240-volt domestic supplies and access to external e-mail, both of which have been common features in most RN vessels for several years.

The Sea Viper missile system consists of the SAMPSON multi-function air tracking radar with a range of 400 kilometres (250 miles) and the S1850M 3D air surveillance radar also with a range of 400 kilometres (250 miles). Capable of tracking up to 1,000 targets, including outer atmosphere objects such as Ballistic missiles. The launcher is a 48 cell SYLVER A50 vertical launcher with capacity for a mix of 48 Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles. Aster 15 is a short to medium range (2 – 30 km) anti-air missile while Aster 30 is a long range (3 – 120 km) anti-air missile which is also effective against Ballistic missiles.


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