Friday, March 16, 2012

Typhoon F2 Fighter RAF Generation

Eurofighter Typhoon F2 Fighter, is an agile, single seat, multi-role aircraft optimised for high altitude supersonic air superiority, but capable of operating throughout the complete range of air defence and ground attack roles. It is being built by a four-nation consortium comprised of European partner companies from the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. 

The airframe, which is constructed mainly from carbon fibre composite materials and lightweight alloys, is powered by two EJ 200 engines each producing 20,000lbs of thrust in full afterburner. In full air-to-air configuration the engines provide a thrust-to-weight ratio of 1 to 1.3, which enables the Typhoon F2 to fly at Mach 2 at 65,000 feet, reach an altitude of 36,000 feet in less than two minutes and to accelerate from 200kts to 700kts in 30 seconds. The Typhoon F2 can carry the full current range of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, including Paveway Laser Guided Bombs, Brimstone anti-armour missiles and the Storm Shadow stand-off cruise missile.

The RAF Typhoon F2 Fighter is equipped with a highly advanced avionics suite with the main sensor being the ECR 90 multi-mode radar that incorporates Non Co-operative Target Recognition. The aircraft is also equipped with an Infrared Search and Track system, a Multifunction Information and Distribution System data link and a fully automatic Defensive Aids Sub-system. The Typhoon F2 Fighter has a wide-angle head-up display complemented by a helmet-mounted display which shows the flight reference data, weapon aiming and cueing and the forward looking infrared imagery. The cockpit also contains three multifunction, full colour, head-down displays and is fully night vision compatible with the use of night-vision goggles. The key to Typhoon’s success will be the ability to fuse all of this data into a single usable format and present it quickly and effectively to the pilot; a process called sensor fusion.

The Typhoon F2 cockpit has been designed to minimise workload for the pilot by allowing all of the avionics to be controlled by direct voice input as part of the Voice Throttle and Stick system. This system allows all functions to be carried out by the pilot without the need to remove his hands from the aircraft controls. The direct voice input allows the pilot to carry out mode selection and data entry using voice command, while the stick and throttle houses fingertip controls for sensor and weapon control, defence aids management and in flight handling.

The Typhoon F2 will replace the Tornado F3 and Jaguar GR3. Current plans indicate that the Typhoon frontline will comprise seven squadrons, of which four will be primarily air defence, two will be multi-role squadrons and one will be a fighter bomber squadron. This combination will give the RAF a very wide range of ground attack and reconnaissance capabilities. Eurofighter Typhoon F2 gives the RAF a world beating 4th generation multi-role fighter aircraft capable of dominating the airspace against any currently perceived future threat.

RAF Typhoon F2 Fighter Specifications
Powerplant: Two Eurojet EJ200 turbofans
Thrust: 20,000lbs each
Wingspan: 10.95m (35ft 11ins)
Length: 15.96m (52ft 4ins)
Height: 5.28m (17ft 4ins)
Max T/O weight: 21,044kg (46,297lbs)
Max range: 1000nmls plus
Max speed: Mach 2
Max altitude: 65,000ft

• High performance, single seat, multi-role fighter aircraft.

• Optimised for air superiority, but with a full ground attack and reconnaissance capability.

• Carries a full range of air-to-air and air-toground weapons.

• Highly advanced avionics including Voice Throttle and Stick control system.

• Capable of automatically fusing all radar and weapons inputs for presentation to the pilot.

• World beating 4th generation aircraft capable of combating any perceived threat.


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