Sunday, November 20, 2011

MH-60M Black-hawk and MH-60 SOF Helicopter

Complimenting the MH-47G is the medium lift MH-60M Black-hawk. The SOF Blackhawk comes in two configurations: a troop  transport configuration and a Defensive Armed Penetrator (DAP)  armed configuration. The DAP aircraft provides armed security for  the MH-47G and other MH-60 aircraft. The MH-60M modernization  program will begin delivering new-build MH-60M aircraft this year.  Once complete, the MH-60M modernization program will provide  the 160th SOAR with 70 MH-60M SOF-unique Blackhawks.
MH-60M Black-hawk

The MH-60 SOF modernization program takes Sikorsky’s new build UH-60M aircraft from the U.S. Army and modifies them with SOF-unique mission equipment. The MH-60M aircraft will feature CAAS, SIRFC, wide-chord rotor blades, active vibration reduction,  and the improved Electro-Optical Sensor System. The most sig- nificant modification, however, is the incorporation of two General Electric YT706-GE-700 engines. These 2,500 shaft horsepower engines give the aircraft a high/hot capability unmatched by any
H-60 variant currently fielded. As the MH-60M is fielded, 160th SOAR will continue phasing out the current MH-60K/L fleet.


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