Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buccaneer First Generation Fighter

Low-altitude attack aircraft of extremely strong construction, originally designed for the RN but later, after all carriers were retired, used by the RAF. The Buccaneer is a mid-wing aircraft; its appearance is determined by an area-ruled fuselage, circular engine bays flanking the fuselage, a bulged rotating bomb bay door, and a T-tail. It is intended to keep them in service into the mid-90’s. The longevity of the type due to its high subsonic speed at low altitude, as well as the cancellation of the TSR.2. The Buccaneer was also used, until 1991, by South Africa.

Buccaneer Specifications
Type Buccaneer S.2B
Function attack
Year 1965
Engines 2 * 5105 kg R.R. RB.168 Spey Mk.101
Wing Span 13.41 m
Length 19.33 m
Height 4.97 m
Wing Area 47.82 m2
Empty Weight 13608 kg
Max.Weight 28123 kg
Speed Mach 0.92
Ceiling 12190 m
Range 6440 km
Armament 7260 kg


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