Friday, September 23, 2011

A-4 SkyHawk Small Fighter

This A-4 SkyHawk is small and simple tailed delta jet, originally designed as carrier-based (nuclear) bomber, later enjoyed a long career as an extremely versatile attack aircraft. Later developments had a large dorsal spine to make room for electronics. The A-4 was kept in production for 22 years, and is still serving with some air forces. The OA-4 is a two-seat FAC version for the USMC, and the trainer version is known as TA-4. 2960 built.

A-4 SkyHawk
A-4 SkyHawk Fighter
A-4 SkyHawk Aircraft
A-4 SkyHawk
A-4 SkyHawk Specifications

Type A-4F A-4M
Function attack attack
Year 1966 1966
Crew 1 1
Engines 1 * 41.4 kN P&W J52-P-8A 1 * 5080 kg P&W J52-P-408A
Wing Span 8.38 m 8.38 m
Length 12.22 m 12.29m
Height 4.57 m 4.57 m
Empty Weight 4536 kg 4747 kg
Max.Weight 11113 kg 11113 kg
Speed 1100 km/h 1078 km/h
Ceiling 14940 m 12880 m
Armament 2*g20mm, 3720kg 2*g20 mm 4153 kg


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