Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carbine And Bullpup Vepr Assault Rifle By Ukrainian Design And Technology

The Vepr is fitted with adjustable open sights and a standard side mount for day or night scopes. Relatively large red dot scope of Ukrainian manufacture is fitted as a standard. Latest version of the Vepr also feature an integral 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher, with dual trigger arrangement (front trigger controls launcher, rear trigger controls the rifle).

It is yet to be seen if the Veprwill be procured and issued to Ukrainian forces in any numbers, but the claims of "clear superiority to AK-74 " from Vepr manufacturers seem to be rather optimistic, to say the least.
The Russian VEPR is a hunting rifle designed after the AK Rifle and built upon a RPK receiver. The rifle also comes in four different calibers .308, 7.62x39, .223 and 5.45x39. The VEPR rifle has the same reliability as an AK allowing it to work at temperatures of -50 to +50 C and in any conditions. However the rifle also has accuracy, allowing it to obtain scores of 92 points out of 100 at 200 yards.

Although the VEPR is billed as a hunting rifle, it takes all of the available high capacity magazines including drums. The receivers and other major components are manufactured in Russia and then shipped to Robinson Arms who assembles them and adds high quality American made parts to comply with ATF regulations. Because it uses the required number of American parts, surplus foreign made magazines can be used The resulting rifle is regarded by many as the best-stamped receiver AK-47 variant currently available.

Vepr 12 Assault Rifle
There are three basic types of Kalashnikov rifles on the market. They are the AK47, AKM47, and the RPK (heavy duty receiver). As most of you know, the AK47 was designed as an infantry rifle capable of firing in either the semi-automatic or fully-automatic mode.


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