Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indonesian Navy Technology Made Variant Warship To Indonesia Royal Navy

R & D Navy this time displays the results of his research in the form subskimmer, this vehicle can be used in surface water and dive, suitable for special forces operations. Vehicle with a length of 5.5 m is capable of carrying four personnel and has a speed of 20 knots on the surface of water and 2-4 knots when used for diving.

Featuring Army landing craft air cushion (LCAC) hovercraft type the name of the Hovercraft Kartika. Ships with a total length of 14.2 m is the largest hovercraft landing craft owned by the Army. This vehicle can transport loads of 3 tons. Wahan cruising speed is 20-25 knots, with a maximum speed of 30 knots.
Guided Missile Escort PKR 105 to be excellent at this exhibition.

LCAC Kartika Made TNI-AD
Damen Schelde designation as a partner PT. Pal to make this ship in August and will be immediately followed by a contract with the Ministry of Defence. PKR 105 will be the most sophisticated and modern ships in the Navy's fighter fleet.
PKR-105 PT.PAL Joint Damen Schelde
Quick Ship Missile 40 meters is shown by the 2 companies, namely PT. Palindo Marine Shipyard and PT. Pal. Palindo as a shipyard company located in Batam is currently working on KCR 40 orders the Navy. This ship has adopted stealth design, the form of radar navigation towering reminiscent of the ships owned by the Singapore Navy. Ships with a length of 43 meters it could be triggered by the speed of 27-30 knots.

There are 2 types of miniature tank landing craft with a length of 117 meters of LST 117 that was designed by PT. Pal and designed by PT. Doc Kodja Bahari. Apparent differences in LST can transport helicopter designed this is the placement of the boat at the side of the body. In the design Pal lifeboat placed up and down so that the ship became visible body height, while the boat is placed face design DKB rear. Ship speed is around 14-16 knots.

D-230 Missile Made Lapan


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