Thursday, March 3, 2011

PT. PAL Technologie Indonesia Made KCR-43 Class High Missile Patrol For TNI-AL

PT. PAL design Quick Ship Missile (KCR) measuring a total length of 43 meters and 8 meters wide, can carry 25 people. KCR maximum speed 30 knots and cruising speed of 18 knots.

KCR equipped weapon control systems, sepucuk 40 mm cannon and two surface missiles and two 12.7 mm machine gun shoots.
KCR can be equipped also Electronic Support Measure (ESM) and radar supervisor.

KCR 43 meters draft of the Navy and Marine Shipyard PT Palindo more lethal weaponry than the design of PT PAL. Unconfirmed KCR Navy will order this.

TNI-AU Joint PT. Pelindo Produce KCR-40 Class Patrol Boat

Navy in cooperation with PT Palindo Marine Shipyard Batam Fast Ship Missile create KCR-40. The hull bottom of aluminum steel and the upper fiberglass. Price vessel USD 60 billion, excluding weapons systems worth 200 million dollars. Navy will buy weapons systems from western countries, while Chinese-made anti-ship missiles. Navy has ordered 22 ships of this type until 2014.

43 m long ship, the speed of 27 knots powered by 3x MAN V12 engines each producing 1800 HP 2300 RPM power. Ships equipped with 43 beds.

The ship is armed sepucuk cannon, two 12.7 mm machine guns, four anti-ship missile launchers and missile launchers of anti air attacks.


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