Friday, February 18, 2011

Technology Variants Light Tank MBT Made China

Type 62 Light Tank

Type 62 Light Tank This is a scaled-down version of the T-55 main battle tank built by China and used by China, Albania, North Korea, and several African nations. The Type 62 has an exhaust smoke-laying ability, and is amphibious. The Type 62 has a laser rangefinder and is designed for rugged terrain, with a self-recovery capability. The layout is identical to the T-55.

Type 63 Light Tank
Type 63 Light Tank A Chinese version of the PT-76, used by China, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, and Vietnam, with a beefed-up suspension, transmission, and engine, and more powerful gun.

Type 90 Command Post Carrier
Type 90 Command Post Carrier This is a command post version of the Type 90 armored personnel carrier. This version has a raised rear section with two man-sized and one large hatch, and a rear door. The vehicle has at least 3 radios, a 10-meter antenna mast, and a gasolinepowered 5kW generator to power the equipment. Some of these vehicles also have computers for various tasks.


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