Friday, January 21, 2011

South Africa Technology Produce Vector CR-21 Assault Rifle

The Vector CR-21 Bullpup Assault Rifle is that it inherited all the reliability and strengths of the original AK-47 / Galil design, combined with improved balance, ergonomics and advanced sighting equipment. It seems that this design will be successful in its service with SANDF. It is also interesting to note that the CR-21 is relatively light, despite the fact that it has a complete and relatively large receiver, milled from steel block.

The Vektor CR 21 is a very futuristic looking bullpup rifle from South Africa. It is one of the weapons that have come out of that region, now that the Apartheid boycot has been lifted. Its futuristic looks are the result of the fact that the entire stock is made of a high-impact polymer. The only metal to be seen on the outside is part of the barrel and the flash-surpressor. This is even more "Plastic-Fantastic" than the Steyr AUG, and for good reasons too: This way the shooter does not have to worry about any metal heated by the African sun, nor is there much chance of dirt entering the weapon. The sights are a telescope with a special illuminated recticle. This recticle is illuminated by means of fiber optics, and does not require batteries.

Total construction of the weapon is very lightweight, although all the interior parts are still made of steel. The action is actually little more than the tried and tested mechanism of the AK-74 series of rifles, which is very reliable. The fire selector of the weapon can be found near the buttstock, and is double sided. The manufacturer is Denel industries, South Africa`s leading weapon manufacturer. The Vecktor CR-21 Assault Rifle uses a slightly modified version of the action found in the R4 assault rifle, which is known for its reliability and relatively low weight.

The rifle also makes significant use of high-impact polymer, with the only exposed metal part on the rifle being the front of the barrel with its integral flash suppressor. Both of these result in the rifle having a low loaded weight, of 3.72 kg (8.2 lbs). The CR-21 Assault Rifle comes standard with a 1X magnification optical sight with an illuminated reticle that does not require batteries. This sight is mounted on a sight rail, allowing easy removal and attachment, as well as the use of a range of different sight options. The forward handgrip has been specially designed to be easily removed and replaced with a grenade launcher similar to the M203 grenade launcher. Finally, the stock has a built-in compartment which stores a cleaning kit for the rifle, removing the usual need for the soldier to carry this separately.


I would totally buy one if a company had the rights to produce them in .22LR !!!

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