Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Turkhis Army Made Varaint Series Safir T-14, T-15, T-17 And T-18 Assault Rifle

The T-14 was developed by the Turkish company Safir Arms. It is based on the famous Ar15/M16 assault rifle. At the present time it is offered in only one caliber, .410×65 (also known as 36 gauge, 2 /12 inch chamber). With .410 caliber bullet weighting 7.5 gram (116 grains) the manufacturer claims muzzle velocities in the range of 2,290 fps., providing muzzle energies of about 1,320 ft-lbs. The T-14 shotgun is semi automatic only and is available in different barrel lengths to make it legal for civilian use in various countries that permit its citizens to own shotguns.

Safir T-14 Assault Rifle
The T-15 and T-16 rifles come with different layouts, with fixed or telescoping buttstock, and with fixed "M16A2-style" carrying handle or flat-top "M16A3-style" upper receivers. Carbine versions of both rifles also available with same modifications, and with various barrel lengths depending on customer/legal preferences.
Safir T-15 Assault Rifle
Another interesting feature of the T-15 is that it can be easily converted to 36 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with installation of the T-14 shotgun upper receiver, made by the same company. The Safir T-15 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Safir Arms of Turkey. The weapon is an AR-15 derivative intended for civilian and police use, but Safir arms also makes selective-fire version of the same design as the T-16, which is intended for military use. For countries that prohibit civilian ownership of semi-automatic firearms, a manually-operated version of T-15 is available.

The Safir T-17 is a Bullpup assault rifle of Turkish origin under development by Safir Arms. The weapon is basically an AR-15 derivative in the form of a bullpup.


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