Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Russia Army Made Variant BullpupTKB-002PM, TKB-011 2M, TKB-0416 , TKB-059 And Saritch 308 Bullpup Assault Rifle


These weapons had the best barrel length to overall length ratio among the assault rifles. Firing from an unstable position, the TKB-022PM a had a three times better accuracy than the AKM. The TKB-022PM5 a had a better accuracy than the AKM when fired from a hand in a lying position at a distance of 100 meters.

The weapons were gas operated with annular gas piston located around the barrel and a vertically moving bolt, which made it possible to maximally reduce the length of the receiver group. A U-shaped rammer/extractor was used to chamber and extract the cartridge by pushing it into the chamber where after discharge was pulled back from the chamber and again, upon feeding the new cartridge, pushed forward and slightly up into an ejection tube above the barrel where finally exiting above the muzzle. Due to this ejection mechanism it was possible a firing from both right and left arm positions.

The TKB-022assault rifle is gas-operated weapon with annular gas piston located around the barrel. To achieve minimum length, it is assembled into bull-pup configuration and uses vertically sliding bereech block (bolt), rather than traditional and most common bolt that cycles back and forth. Since the movement of the bolt (breechblock) in this design cannot be used to extract, eject and load cartridges,Korobov developed a special U-shaped rammer / extractor, that strips the frech cartridge from magazine, pushes it into the chamber, then,after the discharge, pulls the fired cartridge case back from the chamber. Upon feeding the next fresh cartridge, the fired case is pushed forward and slightly up, into the ejection chute above the barrel. Spent cases finally fell off the gun above the muzzle.

Russia Army Made TKB-059 Bullpup Assault Rifle

The weapons used a tripled 7.62 x 39 mm magazine with a capacity of 90 rounds, with each barrel independently fed from the magazine. The intent was to create a weapon with an increased hitting probability and stopping power. As a project, it was developed to counter the American weapon project SALVO.
TKB-059 can provide capabilities of high rates of fire by firing intermediate calibre rifle rounds in salvos suitable enough for a soldier to handle recoil force during full automatic fire without harsh recoil. It can be fired ambidextrously as the cartridge ejection is downwards behind the magazine area.

The TKB-059 provided 'near minigun' performance but also to be suitable for a soldier to handle. It uses the 7.62x39mm M43 round but the ammo supply was limited as the weapon is magazine fed. The term MeRoKa (from German Mehrrohrkanone, meaning multi-barrelled gun) can refer to weapons such as the Nordenfelt gun although more commonly used referring to the Spanish CIWS defence system.

TKB-011 2M Bullpup Assault Rifle Russian Army

The TKB-011 2M and later variants alongside the TKB-022PM are the first assault rifles to use a "tunnel" type ejection port which is now famously used on the FN F2000.

Kobovkov TKB-0146 Bullpup Assault Rifle Russian Army

Russian Army Saritch 308 New Assault Rifle Bullpup 2010

Sarith 308 semi-auto rifle is a testbed for a new firing mechanism planned to be used in a modular weapon system ranging from carbines to light machineguns. The first working model is planned for testing in late 2010.

TKB-408Assault Rifle

The TKB-408 can be fired semi- or full-automatic. The firing mode selector is located on the left side of the receiver above the pistol grip. The design incorporates no provisions for firing from the left shoulder. It is chambered in the 7.62x39mm round and has an overall length of 790mm.


Saritch 308 is the sexiest beast i have evar seen... !!
i wish they use the 6.8 spc for it. they could've made it an assault rifle with at-least 30 round mags. nevertheless ... this beast is giving me gunganzms,,, LOL

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