Friday, December 3, 2010

T-80U Russia MBT New Armament System

T-80U Main Battle Tank

The T-80U MBT is a derivative of the T-80 family of gas turbine-powered tanks. The vehicle is powered by an improved engine, and features a main gun, an armament stabiliser, and a guided weapon system comprising
combined (day/night) commander’s and gunner’s surveillance/sighting systems, and an automated fire control system. The T-80U is equipped with the 9K119 Reflex guided missile system effective against a tank-size target at 5,000 m. The integral adjustment control system enables the crew to adjust the main gun without leaving the tank.

The tank’s high protection is provided by reinforced layered armouring of the hull and the turret, coupled with integral explosive reactive armour. Armour protection of the frontal arc is effective against APDS and high-explosiv antitank rounds. The tank features a quick-reaction automatic fire-extinguishing and NBC collective protection systems. Rubber screens on the front part of the turret distort the turret shape and present extra protection against antitank ammunition.

The 1,250-hp GTD-1250 multi-fuel gas turbine engine provides the vehicle with excellent acceleration and agility. In addition, the GTA-18A auxiliary power unit can power key systems, such as FCS, stabiliser, communication aids, etc., without starting up the main engine.

The T-80U is fitted with a smoke-screen laying system, self-digging equipment and a mine-roller. At customer request, the tank can be outfitted with the Shtora-1 optronic suppression system, air conditioner, asphalt going pads, etc.


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